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This translation was never possible without the author of Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi (original title, Watching Shogi from Silicon Valley - Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Times), Mochio Umeda, and his innovative attitude that allowed translations of his book and publicized them on the internet. We all thank his innovational decisions and understanding about translations. We also thank to Ikuko Okada from Chuokoron-Shinsha, Inc.


Many thanks to Shozaburo Saito and Yoshikazu Kakinoki who have worked so hard to make it possible for Shogi board positions to be displayed.

All board figures were generated through LaTeX style, shogi.sty, developed by Shozaburo Saito. The style is available from Shogi Package

All shogi games discussed in the book can be accessed through "Kifu for Flash," developed by Yoshikazu Kakinoki.

We also thank Hans Geuns for his detailed dictionary for shogi vocabularies.


The author Umeda-san's blog can be accessed from http://d.hatena.ne.jp/umedamochio/20090420/

The intention of this book, as a whole, is to contribute to the spread of shogi. With the permission of the publisher Chuokoron-Shinsha, Inc, I make it free for anyone to translate this book and publicized it on the internet, in part or in whole, to any language, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, French or, not to mention, English. (You don't need to notify or ask the author for permission.)

(Translation of the above posting, in part)



Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi Translation Project


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Comments (3)

shenqi said

at 6:36 am on May 26, 2009

I feel like we need a copy of license of the book attached here, both in Japanese and translated English.
I also think we should insert the link to the multi-lingual translation page so that other people-who-can-speak-more-than-two-languages can contribute to the project.
(My written work is becoming more and more like oral nowadays, I'm sorry)

Jun Koda said

at 1:25 am on Jun 21, 2009

I agree. I feel more secured (安心) if there is an official copyright statement. I translated Umeda-san's blog in part.

Shiger1 said

at 3:58 am on Jul 30, 2015

I years has passed since I discover this Book, and now My knowledge in English is much better.
So If no one has started other translations into Spanish, I will post it our translation link here.
Still a lot of job to do. but If someone knows Spanish is very welcome to participate in.


as well we want to translate many other Shogi Books from English into Spanish.

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