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Table of Contents

  • Preface - 'Non-playing Shogi Fan' Declaration

  • Chapter 1 - Yoshiharu Habu and 'Changing Modern Shogi'

  • Chapter 2 - Yasumitsu Sato's Maverick Brain - Commentary on the Kisei-title Match

  • Chapter 3 - The Joy of Watching Shogi

  • Chapter 4 - Attractiveness of Shogi Players - Sociality of Koichi Fukaura

  • Chapter 5 - A Piece of Art, Born in Paris - Commentary on the Ryuoh-title Match

  • Chapter 6 - Akira Watanabe, Who Utilized the Window of Opportunity

  • Chapter 7 - The Dialogue between Yoshiharu Habu and Mochio Umeda

  • Postscript - Aiming for something more amazing

  • Acknowledgments


Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi (written by Mochio Umeda)

  • This is the English-translated version of "Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi," written by Mochio Umeda..
  • This is an Open Source style project!
  • Each one of you can help us improve the quality of the translation!
  • Please feel free to take part in this project. It doesn't matter whether you've read the original book or not!


     ※Please do not change the page titles. Please leave Heading 1 as Chapter title and  Heading 2 as Paragraph title.



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  • 梅田望夫『シリコンバレーから将棋を観る』の英訳です。
  • Yoshiharu Habu and Modern Shogi(羽生善治と現代将棋)、タイトルは仮題です。
  • 現在、オープンソース的手法にて翻訳の質の向上を行っています。
  • 翻訳が完成した暁には移転を検討しています。
  • 皆さまの力が必要です。参加をお待ちしています。







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